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Data Integration

End the suffering! You shouldn’t have to enter the same data in multiple systems.  Your repetitive workflows can be automatic instead of error prone manual processes. Use our data integration to keep everything in sync and automate workflows.

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ITSM Integration

Updating ITSM with every change to your infrastructure is painful. For many, its impossible to keep ITSM and CMDB synced with corporate asset management, ERP, and IT element managers.

Instead of manually updating your tools, use integration to keep your ServiceNOW, Cherwell or other ITSM in sync for continuous integration. ITSM Integration lets you create a single source of truth for your IT assets, CMDB, and policies and propagate changes to other systems.

Also use integration to automate your common ITSM workflows.  Learn more about IT Automation.

Business Data Integration

Each organization has their unique opportunities to create new business solutions using data integration.

There are many easy integration wins with quick ROIs like:

  • Syncing data between your systems
  • Converting and transfering ERP data between your old database and your new application
  • Cleaning your CRM data and plugging it into new marketing campaigns

Use our Business Data Integration services to design and implement the right technologies for your initiative.  Our data experts,  IT professionals,  and developers provide supportable enterprise data integration solutions.

Reporting Integration

Generating your regular reports should not be an all day exercise.  But it is when your data is spread all over the place.

Use our Reporting Integration solutions to pull data from your Excel spreadsheets, IT systems, business applications and cloud services.  We assemble all your sources into the dashboard and reports you need.  Virtually any database or API can be included.


IT Automation

Automation isn’t just for DevOps.  Traditional IT also benefits from infrastructure-as-code to industrialize IT operations.  Use automation to eliminate time consuming manual processes, perform deployments consistently every time, and ensure  your security and compliance controls are never overlooked.


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IT Automation

IT Automation eliminates manual workflows. Workflows can be system provisioning, application installation, backups, or your own specific IT or business process.  Nearly any routine task can be automated through advanced automation tools.

IT Automation services provide the expert direction and experience in APIs, bash or PowerShell scripts, and python, Java and other coding skills needed for your automation project.

Compliance Automation

Automation can transform the annual compliance exercise into a much lower risk continuous compliance program. Your compliance team can focus on policies while the tools enforce the policies and report your status.

We have the certified compliance auditors to identify gaps and top certified security professionals and automation experts to implement sustainable compliance solutions for NIST, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, FedRAMP and more.

Security Automation

Security is a great use case for automation. Automation and the open source community have made robust security available to any size company.

Our team delivers patch management, network security and web application security for your specific policies and compliance requirements.


Cloud Strategy

Use Cloud Strategy services to create the right cloud roadmap with clear, verifiable business outcomes.

Organizations with a solid cloud strategy are reducing cost, eliminating risks, and improving their competitiveness and agility.

Business Value

  • Integrated cloud, hybrid cloud, and legacy architecture
  • High-availability and multi-region architectures
  • Cloud capacity on demand, scalability and performance
  • Replace legacy hardware and software with no-maintenance managed cloud services
  • Leading-edge serverless architectures and infrastructure-as-code
  • Secure and compliant architectures
  • Optimized CAPEX and OPEX spending
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Cloud Management Consulting
Cloud solutions eliminate many common management challenges of traditional IT. But business and IT leaders need to be prepared to adjust the way technology is consumed and managed. Our management consultants can prepare your organization to succeed with your cloud strategy.

Use Cloud Management Consulting to prepare your:

  • Cloud Strategy: Cloud business outcomes and adoption roadmap
  • Cloud Business Value: TCO/ROI, budget planning, cost allocation
  • Cloud Operations: Operational skills, processes and management
  • Cloud Security and Compliance: Using cloud security services to meet compliance requirements
  • Agile and DevOps Transformation: Using cloud for development agility
Cloud Discovery

Cloud Discovery fills in the knowledge gaps about your current IT and applications. We collect the information needed to identify optimal solutions, estimate costs, and create a deployment and migration roadmap.

IT Discovery: Collects a current picture of your systems, their performance, dependencies, and resource use.

Application Rationalization: We review your application portfolio for technical requirements before developing an architecture. We look at business functions and user experience, communications and infrastructure requirements, and security and compliance. The analysis leads to additional savings by retiring or replacing outdated systems and archiving or deleting old data.

Cloud Architecture
Your cloud architecture should elevate your IT instead of just rehosting it.

We develop your Hybrid Cloud Architecture with the right cloud and traditional solutions for your business.  With your cloud strategy and discovery information, our certified cloud architects develop specific recommendations with costs.  The outcome is a complete hybrid cloud architecture and roadmap, verified by our engineering and security experts.

Design Principles: Use our Cloud Enterprise Architecture services to develop design principles specific to your environment. Design principles are typically based on shared best practices and guide the architecture, development, and operations team as they deploy and evolve the cloud environment.

Architecture Development: Our cloud architects, engineers, and security experts use proven application patterns and use cases to evaluate the right cloud and traditional solutions for your business and your applications. We identify viable options and evaluate against your strategic goals, technical requirements, and business priorities.

Cost Analysis: We perform comparative cost analysis to fit your ROI or TCO model, and budget estimates.

The resulting architecture is the complete solution specifications, topology and adoption roadmap.


Cloud Migration

 Use Cloud Migration services to move your applications to the cloud with minimal impact in the transition.


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Secure Cloud Deployment & Integration
In the cloud, infrastructure becomes code. Our team codes your cloud environment to reduce operating cost, increase security, reliability, performance and agility. We utilize proven design conventions to keep you safe.

Many clients operate in a hybrid cloud environment. They require new expertise in software, DevOps, automation and scripting, APIs and serverless technologies. They also need expertise in traditional hardware technologies. Their cloud networking and security solutions have to integrate their entire hybrid environment.

Our experts have the experience in cloud and hardware solutions to take full advantage of cloud, hybrid cloud, and their legacy hardware. We bring together the product engineers, software engineers, and security experts to correctly design and configure each component.

Cloud Migration Planning & Execution
Cloud migrations are complex because of many IT dependencies.  Careful planning removes risk from the migration process. It also reduces cost and time by deploying it correctly and migrating on schedule.

Application Dependency Analysis: Migration changes the communications between applications, the resources they depend on, and their users. We learn these dependencies to make sure applications don’t break while migrating.  Dependency analysis identifies who and what each application communicates with, and the size, frequency, and characteristics of communication.  We review dependencies in-person to ensure complete and accurate data.

Migration Playbook Development: Migrations playbooks create step-by-step instructions to migrate each application and service.  We identify the right migration strategy for each application – rehost, replatform, refactor, replace, retain or retire. We identify the roles, migration methods, procedures, and test plans. We include rollback procedures to easily recover to the previous state if an issue occurs. Where possible, we leverage proven playbooks and engage expert resources to create new playbooks where needed.

The complete migration plan includes a schedule of activities by migration group, timeframes for each group, and estimated effort and cost.

With the right planning, cloud migration is a low-stress scripted exercise. We provide the oversight and experts to ensure it goes smoothly.

We manage and perform the migrations or support your team.  We have a network of resources and partners to support proprietary applications.  By using our team, your team can focus on their regular jobs without being distracted for an extended time.

Cloud Technical Project Management

Cloud projects are complex, multi-discipline initiatives. Success requires project leaders that can identify and resolve technical gaps and risks and manage project execution.

Cloud Architects Group’s Project Directors are trusted IT leaders.  They have technical backgrounds and deep experience leading IT teams and IT transformation projects.  That technical and management experience has created a record of success in complex projects.

Our focus helps us excel at complex cloud project management.  We know the unique technologies, risks, and processes to execute cloud and software defined infrastructure initiatives.

Cloud Experts

Need specific expertise to assist with your cloud, software defined infrastructure, DevOps, or enterprise IT initiative? Engage our certified experts.  Our team is entirely senior professionals, each with over 10 years of experience.

Our team includes:

  • Cloud Architects
  • Cloud Project Directors
  • Network Architects and Engineers
  • Security Engineers
  • Compliance Consultants


Cloud Operations


Use Cloud Operations services to maintain cloud operational excellence and continually improve the cloud architecture.


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Cloud Support
Cloud Support provides remote experts when you need them most.  Onsite support is also available.

Our simple subscription-based support service includes response SLAs for supported products, with flexible services to provide help where you need it.

Cloud Assessment
Cloud solutions continually evolve. Cloud Assessments find new opportunities to increase your technology advantage, reduce risk and lower costs.  Organic change tends to erode any IT architecture of the cloud over time. Assessments assure your cloud environment evolves in line with your design principles.

Cloud Architecture Review

Our Cloud Architecture Review performs a periodic review of your cloud.  Our cloud architects review your environment against your business goals and design principles, as well as cloud best practices.

Our cloud and software experts identify:

  • Deviations from design principles and best practices
  • New cloud solutions to adopt and out-of-date technologies to replace
  • Automation opportunities to implement DevOps and CI/CD processes
  • Replatforming opportunities to eliminate maintenance using PaaS and SaaS solutions
  • Refactoring opportunities to automate and lower costs using new technologies like serverless.

Cloud Operations Review

The Cloud Operations Review finds new ways to improve operational excellence by:

  • Automating workflows to create and restore complete environments with infrastructure-as-code
  • Automating scaling up and scaling down for consistent user experience with minimal expense
  • Designing runbooks and playbooks for quick and consistent operations
  • Monitoring, dashboards, and alerting that is most relevant to the business

Deliverables are specific to your business and environment. We provide templates, scripts, policies and procedures that can be directly implemented by your team or our experts.

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Security risk assessment is more than a technical review.  It requires expertise for cloud and traditional information security.  A complete assessment also addresses non-technical security controls like policies and procedures, change control, information classification, and human resource management.

The Cloud Architects Group security team includes top certified security experts, cloud architects, and risk auditors.  This complete team delivers comprehensive security risk assessments that match each client’s compliance requirements. Our certified security experts and auditors review your environment against the common security guidelines: NIST, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, CSA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP.

Your security posture extends to your entire IT environment.  Our security risk assessments can span the full scope of your environment – on premises, cloud, and external networks.

Where formal security audits and attestations are needed, Cloud Architects Group provides referrals to accredited auditors for AICPA SOC1 and SOC2, HIPAA, and PCI DSS audits.  We work with your auditor to remediate on your behalf.

Cloud Experts

Need specific expertise to assist with your cloud, software defined infrastructure, DevOps, or enterprise IT initiative? Engage our certified experts. Our team is entirely senior professionals, each with over 10 years of experience.

Our team includes:

  • Cloud Architects
  • Cloud Project Directors
  • Network Architects and Engineers
  • Security Engineers
  • Compliance Consultants


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