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Elastic Stack Analytics

for SaaS Document Management Provider

SaaS providers are all about efficiency. Efficiency enables them to scale their customers with low marginal costs of operations.

Our client is facing new compliance obligations with hundreds of servers producing a large volume of transaction log data. They realized proprietary analytics solutions that scale up instead of scaling out would not keep up.

ConvX architected and implemented Elastic Stack to cost-effectively scale out on commodity servers. Elastic’s open source technologies fit their DevOps culture.

Elastic Stack exceeded their use case requirements, providing application performance management as well as SIEM and compliance capabilities.  Elasticsearch Cross-Site Replication provides automated cluster failover and disaster recovery with zero RTO.

Elastic Stack Architecture
ConvX Value
  • Significantly reduced capital cost and TCO by identifying the best fit solution and leveraging the client’s internal skills
  • Enabled cross platform analytics by normalizing log formats to the Elastic Common Schema with custom ingest pipelines and parsers
  • Avoided disruption by integrating the client’s current log technologies
  • Customized the installation to use the client’s preferred package manager, minimizing operational change
  • Scripted deployment and configurations for DevOps automation
  • Automated backup and zero RTO disaster recovery with Elastic’s cross cluster replication

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