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Data Migration

for Public Safety

The Public Safety industry has unique requirements for data retention, reporting, and integration between local, state, and federal agencies. They also maintain a long history of highly sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Local governments can’t change software platforms easily.  They need to integrate multiple applications for records management, computer-aided dispatch, law enforcement, jail management, and investigations.

Legacy data migration and data conversion approaches are slow and labor-intensive. Traditionally, documents and data exports are passed back and forth, a lengthy process at risk of exposing sensitive data. ETL options are limited due to proprietary databases and compliance restrictions.  Data often cannot leave the premises.

ConvX migrates application data differently.  We have a US-based team with the certifications and regular background checks to work in public safety. From a history of successful public safety migrations, our team developed the approach to data mapping using online collaboration and data cleansing without sharing sensitive information.  We use automation through proven toolsets and API-based integrations, which eliminates errors and adds efficiency.  We perform change data capture to update data after it is moved.  And we log detailed audit records for data lineage.

ConvX Data Integration Platform
ConvX Value
    • Dramatic reduction in data migration effort with an automated pipeline
    • Accurate conversion by database experts with industry expertise
    • Eliminated risks of manual data transfers using secure APIs
    • Efficient and collaborative data mapping using Google Docs API
    • Effortless data updates with custom change data capture and immutable updates
    • Auditable data lineage with purpose-built ETL audit logging
    • A certified U.S. based team for compliance with FBI CJIS requirements

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