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Amazon AWS DevOps Automation

for Clinical Research SaaS Provider
(Research Hive Case Study)

Research Hive solves a big challenge for clinical research teams.  They help researchers find and manage patients for clinical trials.  The Research Hive app makes it easy to identify and refer the best candidates. 

As a global solution, Research Hive navigates the diverse information privacy and data sovereignty regulations of each country.  Their AWS partnership provides cloud delivery local to each region.  This requires multiple geo-specific deployments. Data security and DevOps efficiency are top concerns, as well as managing cloud costs.  But global scale comes with complexity.  Their development team was spending too much of their time managing the deployments instead of building the application.

ConvX provides technology strategy, architecture, and cloud optimization services to let Research Hive focus on their business and application.  ConvX gave Research Hive the right technology roadmap and optimization plan to bring their technology stack to a new level. 

We found new ways to reduce their AWS spend and improve developer efficiency.  Automating the test and release processes saves hours for every release cycle.  We eliminated idle resources by scheduling the lifecycle of development environments.  We continuously refresh server images to eliminate patching effort while improving security.

Our ongoing maintenance and optimization services maintain an agile, healthy, and secure environment to keep up with their app and business growth.

DevOps CI/CD Pipeline
ConvX Value
  • Cloud cost savings with size optimization, automated scheduling, and the right purchasing plans
  • Development time savings with an automated CI/CD pipeline
  • Consistent deployments through infrastructure automation
  • Confident planning with a solid technology roadmap
  • Easier compliance with automated server refresh and elimination of static credentials

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